News-Chronicle Song Book

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Today bought a great book — News-Chronicle Song Book. Just for 50 p. I took it because I like to listen to Negro spirituals sometimes. But what was my surprise when in the back I found many of the old hymns that I like. That joy was similar to having found Sovereign Grace album “Together for the Gospel” on Bandcamp. I really firmly believe that Psalms help us to fight and overcome the flesh and Satan with his armies in the spiritual warfare. Martin Luther said on music: “Music makes people kinder, gentler, more staid and reasonable. The devil flees before the sound of music almost as much as before the word of God.”

when-I-survey-the-wondous-Cross2 the-old-rugged-cross2 rock-of-ages2 praise-the-Lord-ye-heavens-adore-Him2 oh-come-all-ye-faithful2 o-come-all-ye-faithful2 nearer-my-god-to-thee2 jesu-lover-of-my-soul2 I-heard-the-voice-of-Jesus-say2 holy-holy-holy2 god-is-working-his-purpose-out2 all-hail-the-power2

I wonder which ones are your favorite psalms out of these? Take a minute to press a button for 1 question survey: “Which one of these is your favorite hymn?”