Beware! “Get-Rich-Quick-Schemes”

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This message as an antidote against the poison of so called  “Get Rich Quick Schemes”.

You can easily recognize those websites: plenty of testimonials, people telling you not to believe other gurus (but them of course), people who promise you millions of dollars, showing you their cars and mansions. Beware! That’s were the bait is attached to the hook. You have to remember — the free cheese is only in the mouse trap. True success is always in some way or the other connected with blood, sweat and tears.

So rule #1: If it’s too good to be true — it’s probably a lie.

Then I hear about people who ask you to invest anything from $10 to $250 in their business and then become a gizillionaire. That’s a sure sign of a scam  where you will be fooled into thinking that you are in control, that you can get rich, that you can one day do nothing and have it all.

And here come rule #2: Avoid the sites that use your greed to get rich like a plague.

In none of those videos you would hear honest words about hard earned money, sleepless nights, anxiety, stress and troubles those people went through in order to get rich. Mainly they show off and brag. And all that to entice you to become just another gullible minion of theirs who will give his last pennies in hopes of a better future.

And finally rule #3: Don’t you believe those scams for a minute!

If you do, then you will suffer from their spells. Those scammers  are singing their tunes as Sirens to wide-eyed sailors who don’t even suspect that they are hooked, those tunes are for their money and ultimately for their souls. They don’t care if you get rich or not. They just want your money. They shout at you:

Buy my ebook! Buy my advice! Buy my services!
Buy my secret access code to my super member area,
Buy my slippers, Buy my napkins etc. etc. etc.

I have relatives of my spouse who lost almost all they had on those schemes. Don’t you believe it! Don’t get fooled and don’t fool others. Stop being intoxicated with “easy cash” or all kinds of “Get Rich Quick Schemes”. Do what you know best (legally) and may God save you from all thieves fakirs and rogues.

P.S. If you look at this from Biblical perspective, then you will find that 1Tim.6:9,10 is still true. May God bless you and keep from all kind of idols, for covetousness is a well masqueraded idolatry. Col.3:5,  Eph.5:5