In Common with David: Location

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As I opened Linked In now, there was a link to David Cameron. Here it says that I share the same location with the prime-minister of the UK.

And as I saw my face close to David Cameron’s one striking example for the sermon popped up in my mind. It is this.

I think that we would think of it as a privilege of being introduced to a high authority official. Some people do everything to be in the lime light of those who are considered the cream of the society. Many people do all in their powers to get rich being armed with a strategy: “Get rich or die trying”. But I wanted to point here to a different point of perspective.

Think about your face compared to the face of Christ. Think about yourself being introduced to Jesus. And that’s exactly what the Gospel does. It brings you to Christ, who died for your sins and risen for your justification. Christ in His turn brings you to God who is way way way bigger than any earthly authority.

More than that think of this “face to face” thing in this way. How often we would rather spend the time face to face with our family, friends, co-workers, outside alone, than in communion with God through Jesus Christ? How often we put men’s approval above the approval of Christ? How often we put earning another dollar higher than investing another dollar to our heavenly account? And even if your earthly work here will be commended by David Cameron himself, which is great, but how much more should we care that our work would find a “Well done, good and faithful servant.” of the one who made the universe?

And I want to put it even sharper: Do you have anything in common with Christ? Some of you can say, well I was born in Israel. I share the same land with Him. Some of you can say, well I opened the Bible and read about Him, or I prayed a prayer when I was a child. But is that enough? Do you see yourself as a sinner in need of a Savior? Make sure that you come to Christ by faith. Believe in His atoning death for your sins and His precious Blood will clear your conscience, wash away the guilt and He will give you the robe of righteousness of Christ. Only when you repent before God and believe in Jesus will you find peace for your soul. Only then you will share with Jesus not only earthly but praise God and Heavenly Kingdom.

P.S. And this is just an example. I am no match for David Cameron. I was just thrilled to see such thing on the internet.