7th tooth

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So it happened to me again. The 7th tooth got rotten. So I went to the doctor.

The doctor tried to numb it but alas no success. There was infection, so he didn’t do anything as I screamed even when he shot the anesthetic. I ate all the Amoxycillin he said I should eat.

After that I came to Nepal. Asked them to please please please pull out that 7th tooth. But they persuaded me to save it. Through deep agony of pulling the nerves out and cleaning the root canals I came back to UK.

My doctor said that it is still possible to save the tooth. But he added if the decay went below the gum line, it needs to be taken out. So I agreed. He drilled a bit and saw that the decay indeed went below the gum line. So he said that my 7th tooth needs to be taken out. Ok, thought I, that’s what I wanted to start with, let’s do it.

– Not now. In 2 weeks. I will give you an appointment card for March 19th.
– In 2 weeks?
– Yes. I don’t think we will be able to simply extract it. It is all drilled through. What we need to do is to cut the bone, then it will be much easier to extract it.
– To cut the bone?
– Yes, the crown of the bone, just like that, and the tooth as well, because now if we take the tooth without that it will be crushed.

Now the medical nurse interjects.
– It sounds more horrible than it is in practice.

Oh, yea, I think, first we need to drill the tooth through to find it all out, and then we need to cut the bone for that’s how we do it in UK. All right, I think.

– But nobody cut the bone in all 3 cases when they pulled my other 7th teeth in Lithuania?
– Yes, but that’s the easiest way. Well, you can also change the doctor, you can see maybe they can do it differently.

At this point he goes to the computer screen and looks at the x-ray of the tooth. He explains all the operation once again. He even draws the tooth on paper and explains how bacteria gets inside the tooth and eat all the tasty stuff and then travels down. That’s all good. Yet now I already think on how the scalpel or some other machine cuts my jaw and tooth in halves. Praise God for dentists. This is my informed choice. This is my informed execution in 2 weeks time.