The Tempter’s Method in Applying his Prepared Baits 002/ by Richard Baxter

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Tempt, ii. The tempter laboureth to keep God, and Christ, and heaven out of sight, that they darken not the splendour of his bait; and to hide those potent reasons from them, by which they might easily repel the temptation : so that though they are well known and sure and Scripture be full of them, they shall none of them be ready at hand to use, when the temptation cometh; so that to them they shall be all as nothing: and this he doth by unbelief and inconsiderateness.’

Direct, II. Live by faith. See that God the Father, the Redeemer, and the Holy Spirit dwell within you, and take up your hearts, and your hopes be placed all on heaven, and that these be your very life and business; and then you will always have that at hand, which may repel the tempter. A heart taken up with God and Christ, conversing in heaven, is always fortified, and prepared to meet every temptation with abhorrence’. Let your souls be still possessed with as constant apprehensions of the evil of sin, the danger of sinning, the presence^ authority, and holiness of God, the Wrong that sin doth him, the hurt it doth ourselves and others, and what it did to Jesus Christ, as you have of the danger of fire, arid water, and poison; and then the tempter will not speed.