Anna almost got hit by a car

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Yesterday I was listening to a sermon video recording from Vilnius “Bible Way” Church. Among other messages there was a message about being careful when you are crossing the road. I was quite skeptical that day, for I thought that it is better to preach what is written in the Bible than just warnings to pedestrians.

Today I went to pick up my children from school. I was already on my way back. It’s me and 4 kids. Infant in a buggy, Ivan, Boris and Anna. And as we came to zebra crossing I saw that there are no cars close and I said to Anna: “Go.” And she went slowly forward. And suddenly a car rushed just before her. I just managed to grab her by her hood and say “Stop!” Imagine all of this happened in a rush hour, in traffic jams, when everyone picks up their children from school.

I really felt glad she didn’t run on the other side. I really felt glad that she is alive. I really am thankful to God that He saved her from that accident. Praise the Lord. Just couldn’t keep silent. Had to blog about the mercy of God to us in the person of Jesus Christ. Be blessed and cross the roads carefully.


1) On the crossing: LOOK BOTH WAYS and make sure that cars give you way. Then pray and cross the road.

2) In the church: LISTEN CAREFULLY to what the preacher says. Even about being careful on the road, being a careful pedestrian, who knows, maybe God wants to warn you, yes, you and that might save your life one day.