House painting cost in Kathmandu, Nepal

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In order to paint the house* in Nepal you have to find paints and painters. Usually at the shops where you buy the paints they can give you contacts of local painters, or even go with you on a bike and make an estimate for your painting job.

I am not writing this to promote Asian Paints, but to show you where to buy paints in Kathmandu in a more graphic way. Though usually closer to Ring Road in Kathmandu you always can find paint dealers. Asian Paints offer you a Paint Budget Calculator using which you can have some rough idea on how much it will cost you to paint your house inside out. It is very rough though on the more expensive side.

I had experience in painting houses twice. First time it was relatively cheap, second time it was more expensive.

First time we paid 14,000 Nrs work + 10,000 Nrs paint – half house inside painting, then afterwards I repainted it inside myself, bought paint and all things for 20,000 and painted the whole house.

The first time we painted the house on arrival. That was around 24,000 Nrs – that’s half the house with a very cheap painting work.

The second time I painted this house myself. I just bought a 20 Liter bucket of paint, couple of brushes, rollers and in about 2 weeks (I am a slow painter) did it all. That cost us 20,000 Nrs for the whole house to repaint inside.

Second time we paid around 75,000 Nrs (work+paint) for whole house inside and outside painting. The owner just took all the 4 month deposit and spent it on house repairs for he wanted to sell the house. There was something like 45,000 for the paints and 30,000 for the painters job.

How to figure out how much to pay to painters?

I figured it out this way.

1) You can ask at the local store. Then if you are a foreigner (bideshi) there all chances that you will be charged more.

2) You can go to the Asian Paints online calculator and see at least an approximate price per square feet coverage.

Let’s say your house is 3000 square feet (they count in feet in Nepal as in UK and the USA) Then your walls will be approximately

10500 sq. feet. Painters in Kathmandu can do this in approximately 7 days. Maybe less if they are more experienced. Then we just take their labour cost (here it is 52,500 Nrs ~ $525) and divide it to seven. You get nice 7,500 Nrs. That’s an average painter’s daily wages. It’s fluctuating from 7500 to 10000 per day depending on the project. In our case it was painted in about 2,5 days and we payed 14,000 Nrs. That’s a lot of money in Nepal. Consider that some live on 3,000 Nrs.month, some on 10,000 some on 20,000 and some on 100,000 per month. It all depends on persons wages.

Total Estimated Price

  • Painting type:
  • Interior Painting
  • The product you selected was:
  • Interior Paint: Premium Emulsion
  • Total area that needs to be painted:
  • 10500 (square feet)
  • Material cost:
  • Rs. 78225 (Approx.)
  • Labour cost:
  • Rs. 52500 (Approx.)
  • The approximate cost estimated for your paint job (Without Putty):
  • Rs. 130725 (Approx.)
  • Asian Paints Putty cost:
  • Rs. 99750 (Approx.)
  • The approximate cost estimated for your paint job with asian paints wall putty:
  • Rs. 230475 (Approx.)

So if you want to save on house painting you have to paint it yourselves.










Here are 60 spots with telephone numbers where you can purchase Asian Paints in Kathmandu. You can search dealers by location here.


* – house means something bigger than a room, something like 4-5 room house.