Birds singing in the night

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It’s really a blessing to have a place where you can go and pray and be alone with God. A forest. A garden. Some secluded spot. In US it was hard to find one. Once in a village close to Denver I was warned as I walked in the fields:

— You’d better not walk here. Otherwise you can get shot for tresspasssing my property. Ok?
— Ok, sir.

Yes, I have to admit I had my dark blue coat on and black glasses and looked really suspicious. But here in UK it’s all different. Some places like fields, forests, yes even gardens belong to council and council allows common people like you and I to walk there, to enjoy birds chirping, to meditate, to pray, to be alone with God. There are places were you can shut the door to the world and be with Jesus. Praise God for council and for such wonderful mercies. Just listen to the birds. Isn’t it amazing?