Taxi story remix

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The aoctin is on the bsuy sertet of Knahdtamu, clesor to its ceetnr.

– Hlelo! Can you tkae us to “Smmiut Hoetl”?
– Herdund ftfiy.
– Ok, kdis, get insdie, qicuk!

Atefr 5 meitnus divre uhipll we trun lfet to the “Hiylamaa Heotl”. The dvreir sotps and sakeps Neplai.

– Tihs is “Suimmt Heotl”, rghit?
– Srue it is.

The dreivr trnus to me and etcpexs to get the moeny.

– I am srroy I hvae eihter 135, or 1000 reeups.
– T’hats ok. He crelalfuy teaks 135 reeups.

We get off the txai. We clal our finreds. We fuirge out it is not “Sumimt Heotl”. “Smmiut htoel” is atohenr 15 mentius drvie form taht pcale. Oh, txai divrres! Oh, Neapl!