Taxi 6

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As I go down from the immigration department at Maitighar together with Anna (2.5) I want to catch a taxi. As I stop one this interesting things happens.

Me: Namaste!
Driver: Bows his head in greeting.
Me: How much is to Jawalakhel?
Driver: (in Nepali) I will make a good price for you.

I get into the cab. I go all the way to the Jawlakhel thinking on what that “good price” may be. I already regret that I didn’t ask for meter, or for some fixed price. So I prepare for the worst. As we stop I ask:

Me: Koti bhajo? (How much?)
Driver: Dui saje. (200 rupees)

I smile inside. I hand the money to the driver rethinking again my attitude to Nepali taxi drivers. Not all of them make double prices for foreigners. That was a truly reasonable price for the Maitighar-Jawalakhel trip.