Taxi 2

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– Hello! Can you take me to Nakku Chawk?
– Yes!
– You know where that is, right?
– Yes.
– Do you have a meter?
– Yes, but it is not working. It’s gonna be 200 rupees to Nakku Chawk.
– Ok.

After 10 minutes of driving we come to Nakku Chawk.

– Can you please, turn right?

The driver turns to the opposite side.

– This is the same road.
– Ok.

Two minutes later.

Taxi driver:
– This is the wrong road?
– Yes! Can you please turn around?

The car turns around and goes down the Ring Road.

– Are we going to Nakku Chawk?
– No, we passed it already.
– Do you know where is Nakku Chawk?!
– Yes.

After getting to Nakku Chawk.

– You said it will be 200 rupees – here is 210.
The driver waves his head showing that the amount is incorrect.
– I have only this – 235…
– That’s ok!

Everyone is happy. Life goes on. This is Nepal.