Household duties attack

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It was all so easy back at home. The only thing that you had to do to fix something – call and pay. Not so easy is here in the Kingdom of Nepal. The household duties here get their double strength from many things. From our inability to speak Nepali yet. From the business of local friends. From the rugged terrain of people and rugged (yet lovely) characters of Nepali people.

Having a cell phone to call, having money to pay, and even having friends to be there for you – with all that it is sometimes impossible to fight back the household duties attacking you. I agree that those routine things happen to all people around the world. We are not unique. However as a part of this journal entry I want to share my battles with you.

It is already 4 days that we are without running water. No, we do have water in the 6 m³ tank. Bucket is the only way to fetch it today. How come? The Indian 0.5 horse power water pump went on strike and refused to work. It’s not working, to say it short. The story goes like this. As soon as it stop working I tried to put some water in the pipe so that it would start working again. It helped – but only for one pump only. Next day I saw a wheezing pump, which said that he in no way can pump the water so high.

Ok, said I, I will take you to the doctor-fixer. The doctor-fixer said that he can fix it the Indian pump in 3 days. First, I thought it is fine, but later I found other doctors-fixers who claimed that they can fix the pump for less. In the hassle of forgetting the rotor and capacitor, going to and fro by taxi I spent the rest of the day. The next day the doctors-fixers told me that the motor is fine. I told them what could be wrong then?

They said that they do not know.

After some gesture talk we agreed that I will come and bring the part which is attached to the pipe in my house. I tried to do that, but in vain. I had no power to unwrench that part. Ok, so I decided to pray. I did pray before, but this time I prayed more fervently. I went to the same place to pay some money for taking my poor motor and to my amazement I found a person, who said that he can fix the motor. I took him home. He came when electricity was already turned off.


All he said that if he only had an exit valve and electricity he would fix everything to the end. He said that when electricity will be turned on again:

“Just put your hand here (on the pipe end) and hold it till water goes up.”

Next morning I decided to do the trick. But the Indian 0.5 hp motor said:

“I am a bit dead, so please do not disturb me till the master comes.”

Ok, thought I. I won’t disturb you.

But I decided to disturb the owner of the house. He is in another city so I sent him a text-message. The owner called almost immediately. He said that a friend of his (Mr. B) is coming to take care of that. He asked me to come out on the main road. So I did. It appeared that Mr. B didn’t talk English. So a little boy in the shop interpreted the talk for us.

Mr. B said that the pump can be fixed in 4 days. I asked him if he ever was without water for 4 days. The answer was positive.

So I said, that for me and my family it is not acceptable and that everything should be fixed by tomorrow. Bear in mind that today is Saturday – the only day of rest in Nepal. So on hearing those words Mr. B turned back his motorbike and left. And that’s the end of the story.

Now I have – a holiday, a dead water pump, a leaking water-sink pipe and the bathroom that still waits for its tiles on the floor. Oh, yes, almost forgot – my friends are coming in about 4 days, so that is going to be even more fun. But regardless these household appliances strikes I keep praying that we would be in peace with them. Someday. Somehow.

P.S. Please keep us in prayers, especially our yellow Indian 0.5hp friend.

P.P.S. Everything was fixed and working. No worries. It happened Feb.4th, 2011 and I am editing it now on Feb.1st, 2018 and Mr. B was a super specialist, who really knew how to fix things.