Mortification of Sin in the Believers

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John Scott D.D. “Of the nature of mortification “

Marc was right, I was wrong. Here it goes like this:


prudent fasting and abstinence:

6 points. Look at Christ and what He has done for you on the Cross.

Consideration is important as well.




Frequent reflection and examination:

Penance imbittering the pleasure of sin

I pray to God that it would actually be this way. Love of sin. Love of a secret hidden heinous sin is the problem of many a Christian soul.

Distance. Distance. Distance.

Hmm. Receiving of sacrament as a way to mortify lust. That is good.

The sight of the Dying Christ is vital to all of us who are trying to mortify sins daily.

Prayer is one of the best tools for mortification of Sin. Jesus warned his disciples to watch and pray so that they would not fall into temptation.

YEs, prayer can do miracles. That is the best feeling – to feel the presence of God in prayer!