New Road

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You can wonder in New Road for hours in search for electronics.

Usually, if you are not on New Road and ask for electronics, they will tell you – “Go to New Road!” Some believe that you can buy everything here. Everything or not, I had to find people who would fix my two brand new lav microphones. I wanted to remake them from LR44 to AA battery power supply. Finally I found some video technicians in Bishal Bazaar who said they can do that for me. Still waiting for that mike mod.

Theoretically that should give me the possibility to record two quality mono tracks on one stereo track in the camera, if the wiring they did is proper. And charging AA batteries would be much more easy than constantly change tiny LR44. They are 50Rs per piece here.

At this picture I am going home and testing Nikon D90. The price remained the same as it was last year.

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