Desperate search for a job

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Today I continue to search for a job. This is a 5 mile circle. I hope to find something. I hope that I catch some job in this ocean of job opportunities in London. God bless our family.

Nothing in the care sector so far:

 After a few minutes succeeded to send my CV here.
Watched Grant Cordone’s tips on finding the best job. “I am unbelievable! You will regret if you don’t hire me!” It turns out to be that meekness and humility are not in this guy’s vocabulary. Hmmm… How many people would sell themselves like that to become let’s say a garbage collector? I am the best person in town! I can gather it all in a fraction of a second! You will regret if you don’t hire me. Sounds like harassment. I would stay away from such an applicant. Go, collect the garbage on Mars or Venus. Here we need simple people who just do the job right. Period.

Yes, it appears that Grant is Scientologist.

Yes, today I received a text that my application is being considered by StageCoach London. Soon I can be a driver of a big red bus!


Found this while searching for job. Modified it a bit, so that it wouldn’t cut the ear so much.
It looks like it was impossible to find any job today. Maybe tomorrow.