Cases and directions against Censoriousness, or unwarrantable judging of others

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Yes, I found it very much interesting. Right now if I had a power to choose my New Year gift, I would waver between the Wacom Intuos 4 and, yes, the full 4 volume collection of the practical works of Richard Baxter, the old puritan preacher. Though he is very much casuistic – if this happens – do this, if that – do the other thing, I found an encyclopedia of knowledge in his writings. Of course they have to be applied via the hermeneutical bridge, for many problems which were important in the 17th century are no longer so relevant. Yet still so many cases of melancholy, support of people in trouble, visiting the sick, preparation to death, what to say to people who are on their death-bed etc. etc. are very valuable for any preacher I suppose. When it comes to practical cases of conscience – tell me the link of a preacher whose scope was as wide as his and who put that in written form, I honestly want to read that.

And here it is – what to do if people are Censorious? How to know, maybe it is you who is the judge and not your brother? 🙂