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Praise the Lord, I got back access to my blog! I thought I lost it after I tried to download all of my photos from Google Drive to my server. Now I know it can crash your site. In case that happens to you, don’t rush to go on Fiverr or some other specialists, just look through this list, maybe something will help. I just renamed the folder of one of my security plugins and then was able to login normally through wp-admin.

Speaking about business I am right now a theological gardener, aspiring to learn coding and do some web-design. every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I work in a garden and on other days I do some HTML websites. Both duties are very demanding. When you re-plant the flowers on beds you are taking the risk of losing them. And every time you re-write or re-plant the website from one place to another, you also are taking the risk of losing some info along the way.

Anyway in gardening I need a new spade, for the old one broke.

In web design, I needed some tools like: Figma, Tilda, Anima, XD and Dreamweaver.
Tilda was good, yet too expensive so I went with Adobe package for now.

As for my studies, I finally found and bought this rare book on Psalms. Hurrah! And that will hopefully help me to write my dissertation.

Today I managed to water the asparagus, tomatoes, lettuce, weed out something like pseudo-mint from beneath the green house table, read 3 chapters from Stephen Cottrell’s Dear England, talk to some friends at Lower Halstow (of course in the open air due to social distancing), agree to disagree with people on FB, add some thoughts on the transfer of the spirit from Elijah to Elisha on FB, buy (again) a student subscription for Adobe tools, buy a much needed book on using Psalms in Russian Orthodox Liturgy, restore this blog and write this post.

Let’s call it a day.